[] Visible from afar, Blankenstein Castle towers above the Ruhr.



Ever since the Middle Ages the present quarter of Blankenstein developed itself around the Blankenstein Castle. .

Numerous timber-framed houses and the permanent historic exhibition at the Stadtmuseum, which is located in the former Blankenstein guildhalls provide an insight into history. 

A particularly beautiful timber-framed ensemble is located at "Freiheit" (various streets) near the castle.
Names of streets like „Zu den sieben Hämmern“ (To the seven hammers)  or „Am Seilwerk“ Irigging) remind us of smithies and rope-walk Puth that were part of the main line of businesses, just like the surrounding collieries, the Henrichs mine in the adjacent quarter of Welper and tourism. 

The by far most famous Blankenstein inhabitant was campaigner for women's right Franziska Mathilde Annecke. A memorial plaque can be found on her residence on Vidumestraße.

Numerous forest trails and the 19th century Gethmannsche Garten (garden) with its serpentine paths by the castle are the perfect setting for walking and sauntering - afterwards one can regenerate at various restaurants. 

Regardless of the season, the viewing platform at the Gethmannscher Garten and the one in the castle tower always offer a superb view of the middle Ruhr valley with its unique scenery.