No other quarter in Hattingen has had an equally large population increase as Holthausen in most recent years, The quarter has 5820 inhabitants at presents and the number increases.  Since 1966 the number of inhabitants has tripled. 
Whereas the explantion of the majority of village names is not that easy, the meaning of the word 'Holthausen' (woodhouses) is: at the time when larger areas of the surrounding region were cleared and transformed into meadows and fields, the present district of Holthausen was still a grove. As the surrounding area did not offer the farmers sufficient living space, in the 7th century, they moved 'int Holt (Holz >> into the wood), hence the name Holthausen. On 15.11.1054,  Henry the 3rd gave the imperial estate of Holthausen a present: the convent of Essen/Werden. In the form of a mark, Holthausen and adjacent Welper were bound together, which lasted until the 18th century. 
Until the end of the 19th century there were roads and streets that could only live up to rural standards and there were few farms. 1939 was the year, in which the Aurora mine was founded, producing coal until 1965. 1942 a public library was opened.

Due to Holthausen's closeness to nature and Hattingen, families settled in this industry free district. As a result the primary school opened on 16.08.1971,  on 02.09.1974 the Catholic Kindergarten was opened and on the basis of the increase of population a second Kindergarten opened on the Lindstockstraße. 
Because of the support and dedication of people and parents, the first Holthausen Rose Monday parade took place, which has turned into a Hattingen tradtion.

Characteristic for the structure was also the construction of a school centre on the Lindstockstraße that accommodated a grammar school and a school for lower general secondary education for 2000 pupils with an adjacent indoor pool and sports ground. 

On the 22nd of December 1985 the St Georg church parish extended its premises and work area by opening an evangelic community centre on the Dorfstraße. 2009 the annex of an additional youth room is initiated. .
With the first stone laying for the neurosurgical rehab clinic on 13-01-1991 (opening 1993, opening children's department in 1995) an additional, attractive area on the Holthausen heights was realised, The rehab clinic today is one of the major employers in Hattingen. 

The infrastructure, with shops, bank, schools made and make Holthausen grow,  In various areas within Holthausen larger buildings areas have been developed.

Additional facilities are offered by the sports clubs at the multi-purpose hall in the elementary school building, that is also the venue for parties and celebrations besides the sporting grounds An der Behrenbeck and within the school complex facilities for beach sports. 


Klinik Holthausen