The signature of the concession agreement for the construction of a furnace factory on the Ruhr river on the 13th of October 1854 can be looked upon as the founding date of Welper. .

Before the Henrichs mine existed, Welper was a scattered settlement with approx. 450 inhabitants. As a result of the increasing demand for manpower, the Welper district turned into an industrial district.  The Haidchen, Müsen drei and Hüttenau neigbourhoods are witness of this development. 

Welper today offers not only an urban infrastructure, but also scattered developments with lots of green - a popular place to live. Central point is the market place that was redesigned in the 90s and the Thingstraße. Welper has an elementary school with gym and  beginners' pool and there is a comprehensive school in Hattingen. All levels of education, including A level, are catered for, 

An outdoor swimming pool and the sports centre on the Marxstraße with two sports grounds and a gymnasium offer all facilities for sports and leisure. 
A walk through the „Gemeindewald“ with beautiful views of the Ruhr valley is highly recommended.